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Talent Stacks And Seeing Opportunity

I have a friend who’s family has had some financial problems lately. This is due to medical problems affecting their ability to work. It’s a husband and wife and they both have health issues.

They aren’t lazy and are hardworking individuals but, as the saying goes, they’ve been dealt a bad hand. It’s gotten so bad that they had to resort to setting up a Go Fund Me site in order to raise some money to cover bills and medical expenses.

I don’t believe in luck. Or, maybe I should say I believe in manufacturing your own luck. I do know that any instances of serendipity in my life has been due to planning for it. Not only planning for it but planning for it to happen.

My friends situation got me to thinking about what I would do if I were in his circumstances.

This post is about talent stacks (mostly) and about seeing things from a different perspective.

If you know who Scott Adams is then you know he is the creator of the Dilbert  cartoon strip. He also wrote a book called How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. In this book he talks about having a complimentary set of talents and using them to become successful. Paraphrased of course.

Let’s put my friends talents on display and see what he has to work with.

  1. He is a pastor. He graduated from seminary school. It’s been a while
  2. he is a public speaker. He has to be in order to preach in front of a group. Well, do it comfortably.
  3. He has some technical acuity. He is comfortable around computers and such.
  4. There is no four (that I know of). That’s all I’ve got.

So what would I do if I were him?

First I would set up a Facebook page where people sign up for prayer requests. Three times a day he could stream to Facebook for 15 to 20 minutes and pray with/for those in need. He wouldn’t need much technology. Just his cell phone.

Second I could put together Wednesday night sermons and Sunday sermons. I would broadcast these live on Facebook.. He could do a Sunday morning and Sunday evening service.

Third I would set up a Patreon account for those who want to support his ministry. It wouldn’t be tax exempt since he isn’t a church but it would be to make a living with his talent stack.

Forth, I would set up a weekly Christian based podcast. Using Audacity to record the audio and getting a cheap mic I would use Pat Flynn’s concept of being everywhere to make this profitable. That means I would publish it on all the sites that aggregate podcasts. I would do this for free for a while until I got a bit of a following and then I would treat it as a business and start looking for sponsorship.

Fifth, I would market this by word of mouth first. My friend has a pretty large Facebook following since he is a pastor and used to preach. He directed this following to his Go Fund Me page and a good number of them contributed I can’t see any reason why these same people wouldn’t want to follow him or even contribute to him financially. Later I would buy some paid advertising through social media networks like Facebook to drive traffic to my podcast and, by default, the rest of the Ministry.

I can’t say how many entrepreneurs I follow who’ve said that getting laid off or losing their job was the best thing to happen to them.

On the other hand most people freak out if they lose their job. Part of it is their inability to manage money (a topic for another post) but part of it is their inability to see the silver lining. See the opportunities that arise from sudden unemployment.

I think people, myself included, sometimes need to open their eyes and see things in a different light.