The fine art of Drinking Coffee

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I’ve never been a real coffee drinker. I’ve had it before and when I do I usually load it up with cream and sugar or buy a coffee shop sugar coffee drink. Not the best way to drink coffee so I rarely do. I tend to drink “WAY” too much soda and it’s affecting me negatively. I’m actually getting pretty sick of soda. I do drink copious amounts of tea though. Both green and black.

The problem is that coffee is so bitter tasting. I enjoy the smell but drinking it was tough.

Recently I did a little homework on the art of enjoying coffee to see if there was a way to actually start enjoying the taste of coffee. And there is.

Apparently I’ve been doing coffee all wrong. There are different blends of coffee that have different flavors. The trick for me, a beginner, is to try an light blend and find a flavor that I might enjoy.

So I ordered a small bag of light blend from Black Rifle Coffee Company to see what I can find. Also, I like to support an organization that contributes to the well being of our vets.

Tomorrow I will soon buy a coffee maker at Walmart so that I might brew up a cup or two. Then we shall see how I like it.


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